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Welcome to Anaisha Bhatt Pune escorts home page. Anaisha Bhatt is name synonyms to trust and best escort services. You might object to the term “best escort service”. You might think how should you believe what we say. We agree. There are some sites which claim to be the best but their claim is only on the site. In really, they come up short to their word and do not provide the service they claim to be. But we are not among them.

Anaisha Bhatt always puts clients first. That is why we have a long list of satisfied clients with us. We believe it is better to serve the same client again and again and retain the same client-tail, rather than constantly looking for new clients. Constantly looking for new clients is a tiring process, whereas, old clients are comfortable with our services and policies and we, too, get comfortable around them and know what they like. It makes it easy for us to serve them to the best of our ability and for our client, it becomes easy to open up to use with their expectations. With this goal, we always strive to give our best to each of our clients so that we have a long-term relationship with them. Nearly all of our clients visit us again whenever they feel the need to spend some quality time with a young and beautiful girl.

Get the best escort service in Pune

If you are looking for some pleasure in Pune and need an escort to give you the best service, you can imagine. Then don’t search anywhere else. You are at the right spot. We are a genuine and the best escort service in Pune. You can check our customer review section to verify what we say. After reading the review section, you will know how happy our clients are. Also, if you go to any other escort service agency, it is possible that you do not meet the girl that you see on their site. Because many escort agencies use fake photos on their site to impress you, but the girl that comes to meet you turns out to be different.

We don’t charge in advance. Pay after you meet our escort

Many escort service providers charge the fee in advance. This sometimes brings a suspicion in the client’s mind. Some clients do not feel comfortable to pay the fees in advance. As we said, we want to keep our clients in a good mood. So we do not charge our clients in advance. It is a way for us to prove our authenticity.
You first read everything about our services on our site. Then visit our gallery and check out the girl you want to spend time with. Then you call us and conform the appointment with the call girl of your choice. And when she comes to meet you. You see her and verify the she is the girl you had chosen for yourself. After that you make the payment.

Get the best escort service in Pune

If you are looking for some pleasure in Pune and need an escort to give you the best service, you can imagine. Then don’t search anywhere else. You are at the right spot. We are a genuine and the best escort service in Pune. You can check our customer review section to verify what we say. After reading the review section, you will know how happy our clients are. Also, if you go to any other escort service agency, it is possible that you do not meet the girl that you see on their site. Because many escort agencies use fake photos on their site to impress you, but the girl that comes to meet you turns out to be different.

We are not like that. We are a well renowned and genuine escort  agency in Pune. What we show on our site is what we have. Once you book the girl from our site, after seeing the picture of the girl. We assure you that it will be the same girl that will come to meet you. We know, you visit our site and book a girl with some fantasy and dream of a good time. You book the girl that sooths your eyes and arouses you. If a different girl comes and visits you then it spoils, your mood. Which is a big NO for us. We do not want our clients to feel cheated or lose their mood of a pleasurable time with our escort. That is why, we only show what we have. We do everything possible to make sure you stay in the best mood and you have the best at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters, as opposed to using ‘Content here, content here’, making it look like readable English. Many desktop

See heaven on earth with our independent escorts

All our call girls are professionals. They are committed to the job they do and always ready to provide the best possible service to the client. Our Pune independent escorts are known for their services and efforts to make the client happy. We trade in happiness. The more you are happy with our service, the more profit we get. The degree of your happiness decides how good we are.
We improve ourselves with every feedback. We insist every client to share their valuable feedback about our services. The feedback includes the appearance of the girl, decency of the girl, the way she made you feel comfortable, the way she aroused you, if our charges are worth the service we provide or not, behaviour of our escort with you, quality of our service etc. You can give us a feedback on any and every aspect of our service and the girl you met.
If your feedback is good, we make sure to keep our services the way you liked it. If your feedback is not so good, we make sure to upgrade ourselves to match to your expectations.
This habit of ours have made us stand out from the crowd and made is the best escort service providers in the Pune city. Once you meet our call girl, you will forget the world and only see her. She will show you the heaven on earth.

Our Models

Help us give you the best pleasure you wish to have

Pleasure is a two-way street. If you expect our escort to give you the pleasure of sex without you putting any effort, then you can have that experience. Our girl will do her best to seduce you and give you the best time she can. You will have a pleasurable night without any effort.
But, if you ask us, then we suggest against it. Even though you will get a pleasure you were looking for without any efforts as well, it won’t compare to the pleasure you could get if you participate actively in the act of sexual pleasure.
If you put up some efforts from your side to form a bond with the call girl you are meeting, then that bond will increase the effect of sexual pleasure between the two of you. Sex is not just a physical act. If you see it more deeply, then you will observe that a connection between two people or a bond between a couple makes sex more engaging, exciting, responsive, and pleasurable. So, instead of directly expecting sex from the female escort you meet, if you try to first make her comfortable around you, and put some efforts to form a connection between the two of you, then the sex you will have afterword will give you much more satisfaction.

What should you do to form a bond with the escort you meet?

Here are a few things that you can try to get close to her mentally, before you get close to her physically.


• Before selecting the female escort for yourself. Read every detail about her form our site. Or talk to her over phone or chat to know about her. If you know her better, you will be more willing to form a connection with her.

• Do not make her wait. If she is coming to meet you at your home, then that good. But if you are meeting her outside, then make sure that you reach at the destination selected by you on time. Keeping the female escort waiting might start your meeting with a negative vibe. If you be on time, she will like your punctuality and your meeting will start with a positive vibe.

• If you can’t avoid being late. Then you should inform the girl you are going to meet that you will be late. That way, she will be mentally prepared to either wait for you or come at the new time to meet you.

• You do not need to pay in advance. But once you meet the female escort and verify that it is the same girl you wished to spend time with, then you should first pay the promised amount to the escort. Keeping her from the payment after meeting might divert her mind towards the ways of asking you for the
money without hurting your feelings. That might distract her and she might not be able to focus completely on the act of sex and pleasing you. So it is better to first clear the payment so that she could then completely focus on pleasing you.

• Our independent escorts are service providers. Fulfilling your sexual needs and giving pleasure to you is their job. Our girls are dignified professionals. Do not look down on them. If you respect the female escort you meet and treat her like your girlfriend and a partner. Then she, too, will treat you like the prince of her dreams. That mutual respect will form a bond between you guys and you will enjoy each other’s company on a much better level.

• Romance can be enjoyed tenfold if both the partners like it. It is not that much of a fun if only one person likes it and the other one only does it for the sake of his or her partner. If you are attentive to understand your partner. To understand what is likes while having sex, and focus on the sections that she likes, then you will get much better response from her. You will attract her towards you and make her enjoy the act as much as you do. That will increase the excitement to tenfold. And you will get much better experience with her.

• Do not treat her like a tool to satisfy your sexual needs. Talk to her for a while before having sex. Know her better. And talk to her after having sex. Cuddle with her. Smile. Let her know how you liked being with her. If possible, listen to what she has to say. A little chat with the call girl you meet will form a good memory and it will make the feel good effect of the sex you guys had last longer.

• If the female escort you are going to meet doesn’t groom herself before meeting you, then your mood will be off. We all want to spend time with a person who is neat, clean and well groomed. The same goes for you. If you have taken a bath and groomed yourself, the female escort would love to stay close to you.

• Icing on the top of the cake always increases the beauty of the cake. The same way, if you talk nicely to the girl you meet and offer her some gift to make her comfortable, then it will only benefit you. She will be flattered by your generosity and do things in a much better way to please you.

Independent escorts in Pune by Anaisha Bhatt for Casual Relationships

Many men either do not want to get into a long term relationships or don’t have an enough time for a relationship. There are also men who are in a long term relationship but are not completely satisfied with it. Those men, though have a desire to enjoy a fun in a relationship without any consequences or a responsibility.For such men, we, at independent escort service in Pune by Anaisha Bhatt have a solution. And the solution is – casual relationship.
We have a long list of call girls with different background, social status, educational qualification, age group, ethnicity and job profile. All these girls are interested in casual relationships and they want to explore the fun part of a relationship, mainly sex, with their partners. They, too, do not want any attachment after the relationship is over.

 They are not interested in interfering in your personal life. The female escort you will select for a casual relationship with you, will treat you like her boyfriend. You will also treat her like your girlfriend. But she will not nag you like typical girlfriend. She will not expect you to meet her when you are busy. She will not expect you to call her every time. She will only meet you when you are free and spend fun time with you. She would only be interested in the fun part of a relationship, just like you. And when the time comes to end it, she will not insist you to continue it. You guys will part on a positive note, and you can come back to her whenever you wish, or you can also ask us to introduce you with a new girl. We will always be happy to serve you to the best of our capability.

One-night-stand with Bollywood celebrities

We all dream of meeting a Bollywood celebrity. Seeing her from close, touching her, holding her hand or getting her autograph. There are many thoughts in our minds about Bollywood celebrities.
But have you ever thought of spending a night, on the same bed, with a Bollywood celebrity, and loving her all night?
If no, then you should. And if yes, then you are at the right place. Our call girls service in Pune is in touch with many Bollywood celebrities and models who are interested in spending some alone time with new people, away from work and enjoy their life.
All they want is to be treated with respect. Meet the man at a nice place, like a five-star hotel, and some incentive in terms of money to manage their luxurious lifestyle. They are difficult to afford. But they are the stars. And if you get to sleep with a star, then money should not hold you back.
So if you are the one who can afford a celebrity. The one who dreams to sleep with a celebrity. And the one who wants to experience something new and amazing in his life, then do not waste your time and contact us right now and soon you will find yourself in bed with a star. You will be sleeping with a celebrity that other people only dream about. You will get to explore her body, have a passionate sex with her. And you will get to hear her moan and call your name in excitement. You should not miss on such a wonderful opportunity.

Different styles that you can enjoy with our Pune call girls

Sex could be simple, hot, exciting, erotic, wild, or kinky. It is completely up to you how do you want to enjoy it. Our independent escorts in Pune love to explore different styles of sex. You, too, can explore it with them. Below are a few positions that you can try with our call girls.

• You can make her stand against a wall and stand in front of her. In this pose, you will penetrate her in a standing position. In this position, you will feel her entire body touching your body. You will be able to feel her breasts against your chest. You will be able to kiss on her lips and neck. And with that, you will penetrate her.
• You stand on the floor, make her stand in front of you with her back towards you. You make her put her hands on the wall and bend a little. In this position, you get a better chance to penetrate her from behind and get all inside her. You hold her waist and give her hard shots. You can also hold her breasts while penetrating her from behind.
• You stand on the floor, make her stand against you with her back towards you. Then ask her to bend down and put her hands on the bed, or table, or sofa, whatever you like. When she bends, you get a proper angle to penetrate her and get completely inside her. You hold her breasts, or waist, and give her hard shots from behind.
• You ask her to get on her knees and hands, like a doggy, on the edge of the bed. You stand behind her on the floor. You put your one hand on her waist, another on her shoulder, and penetrate her from behind. This position is also good for complete penetration and hard shots.
• If you do not want to stand but penetrate her from behind, then you can ask her to get on her knees and hands, in a doggy style, on the bed. You can get on your knees behind her, place your hands on her waist (or you can also hold her hair with one hand). This position is very good for hard shots and wild sex. You will get to penetrate her deep and she, too, will enjoy the sensation of hard sex.
• If you want to lead the act of sex, stay above her, cares her, kiss her lips, neck, and breasts while having sex, then you can lay her on the bed, spread her legs and get between them and penetrate her. In that position, you will be above her. Pushing in the pace you like and have a complete control over the speed and hardness of the sex. You will also be able to kiss her while having sex.
• If you want to hug her while lying on the bed, then you can choose missionary position, in which, the escort will lay on the bed straight and you will lay on her and penetrate her. In this position, you can hug her tight, feel
her breasts brushing your chest, kiss her neck or lips and stay on her touching all of her body while having sex.
There are many more poses. You can also discuss which possess your partner likes and do it accordingly. It doesn’t matter which pose you have sex in, as long as, both, you and she likes it.

Your privacy with Pune independent escorts by Anaisha Bhatt

We know that you can only feel comfortable enjoying our services if you feel safe with us. For this, we would like to say that we are a professional service provider. Our one and only goal is to satisfy our customers in every way, including their safety. We, at Pune independent escort service by Anaisha Bhatt make sure to keep the identity of all our customers a secret. You do not need to worry about anything. You just have to select the call girl you like, call us, and then let us give you the pleasure and satisfaction that you will never forget.


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